UEFA Euro 2020™ Official Preview Sticker Collection

The world currently has an unusual paralysis and sports tournaments are no stranger to this situation, Europe was preparing to receive its traditional tournament of national teams but due to the health crisis it had to be postponed, but this is not an impediment for collectors to be unable to enjoy our greatest passions, Football and Stickers, that’s why PANINI is playing it this time with its new collection UEFA EURO 2020 PREVIEW, it will serve as a prelude to the tournament to be held in 2021

This album contains 72 pages with all the teams already classified to the tournament and a brief summary of the 16 teams preparing to play the play-offs that were postponed at the beginning of the year.

Each team will have 28 stickers and in total there will be 568 decals of which many stickers are special

The box contains 120 envelopes for a total of 600 stickers, with which you will have a very high possibility of completing it, although otherwise PANINI will give you the option of requesting up to 50 figures free of charge to complete your collection, keep in mind that we we will also have figures available in our inventory and we will gladly help you to make your collection complete

                                              ¡¡¡Welcome to EURO 2020 PREVIEW the new PANINI collection!!                                                                                                                                                BUY HERE ↓


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